The Various Reasons Why Many Commercial Buildings Have a Metal Roofing System


When they are coming up with a roof design for their buildings, commercial building owners should choose a roofing system that is both functional and aesthetic. A significant number of commercial buildings in Australia have metal roofing because it offers most (if not all) of the qualities that commercial building owners are looking for in a roofing system. If you are planning to construct a new commercial building and are musing on the idea of installing metal roofing, you are certainly thinking the right way. But before you can jump into making the investment, it is important that you first know the benefits associated with metal roofing. Below are a few top perks you stand to gain by installing a metal roof in your commercial building.

Metal roofing is superbly resilient

When installing a commercial roofing system, you will want something that can last for several years without calling for frequent maintenance and repairs. In business, time costs money and a roof that is constantly in need of maintenance and repair service may cause you to lose money, especially if the maintenance and repairs take up normal business hours.

Metal roofs are designed and built to last for a long time. Metal itself is a hardwearing material that can withstand hail damage, extreme temperature variations, strong winds and many other inclement elements. Rust is usually the only major issue with metal roofing, but thanks to the availability of effective paint and powder-coating protection systems, manufacturers of metal roofing are able to provide rustproof products. 

Metal roofing can be made aesthetic 

The paint and powder-coating protection systems that are applied onto metal roofs are not just meant to protect the underlying metal from rust, but they can also be used to improve the appearance of the roofs. Metal roofing paints and powder-coatings come in a selection of different colours so that building owners can easily choose something that accentuates the beauty of the entire building and also enhances kerb appeal. It is, however, important to point out that roofing paints generally come in a wider range of colours compared to powder coatings. 

Metal roofing can be made to be energy-efficient

Virtually every business out there wants to keep their energy costs down. Metal roofing can help achieve this goal. The colour varieties that metal roof finishes come in are not merely for rustproofing and creating visual impact but also for increasing the energy efficiency of the entire building if properly selected. Generally speaking, light-coloured paints or powder-coatings are ideal for commercial roofing systems built in areas with hot climates, while dark roofs are best for buildings located in cold climates. Light-coloured roofs reflect the heat away from the interiors of the building on hot days, while dark roofs help absorb heat on cold days.


27 March 2017

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