Is a Timber Framed Home the Right Choice for You?


A timber framed home is made with large beams set in a triangle shape, and which hold up the weight of the home and the roof. This is opposed to roof joists that run horizontally across the span of the home. Roof joists are typically covered in drywall and other such building materials, whereas timber frames have a very attractive look that can be left exposed. If you're thinking about a timber frame for your newly constructed home, note some questions and concerns you may have about this structural option, and this can help you decide if it's the right choice for you.


A timber framed home may be a bit more costly than a standard stick built home, often because it takes some specially skilled tradespersons to construct. The timber beams used for the frame are also thicker and stronger than traditional joists and beams, so this raw material is often more expensive.

However, if you want a timber framed house but are concerned about your budget, speak to your homebuilder about the species of wood used, as some are less expensive than others. You may also want the look of very thick beams, but ones that are a bit thinner can also be less expensive while still giving the home a very grand look. If you discuss your budget with your contractor, you may be surprised to find out that you have other choices that offer the look you want but at a price you can afford.

Other changes to design

Typically you don't need to make many other changes to the design or plan of a home when you have a timber frame, as electrical, plumbing, and other such features can still be placed inside walls where needed. The only change you may want to consider is your choice of windows for a timber framed home, as smaller, double-hung windows may seem out of place. Plan on large picture windows, which are just one solid pane of glass, so that the windows match the height and grandeur of a timber frame.

Hybrid designs

A hybrid design uses a standard roofing system for some of the home, and then a timber frame for other areas; this can save on costs and create a more pleasing look for some homeowners. For example, you may want an open family room in the back of the house, so the front portion of the home may be designed with regular roofing joists and beams. This can save money on the design of the timber frame and mean less exposed wood, for a less rustic look to your home.


5 April 2017

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