What You Need to Know About Getting a New Roof for Your Home


If you're considering getting a new roof or have been told that your home needs a new roof, note a few reasons you don't want to put off this work, and a few tips on choosing the best roofing materials. You can then discuss your options with a roofing contractor as needed, so your home is always protected by a strong and secure roof.

Damage like mould is not just unsightly

You might see algae or mould growing along the roofing tiles of your home, but note that this damage is not just unsightly. Algae and mould growth mean your roof is allowing standing water to form, and mould also holds moisture against the roof; this moisture can allow the mould to spread to the roof rafters and joists inside your home. In turn, those materials can get soft and weak, and your roof may start to sag. If left unchecked, the roof could even collapse! Cleaning algae and mould away with a bleach solution is a temporary fix, as they often just grow back. It may be best to have a new roof installed so that it doesn't have the gaps and spaces where that algae and mould grow.

You can have a roofing layer installed

Don't assume that a new roof always means the mess and cost of tearing off the old shingles and tiles; to avoid this work, you might consider having a metal roof installed, which can typically be placed right over the old roof. Metal is lightweight and durable and provides a nice covering for those older tiles as well as any old and damaged roofing paper, providing an airtight and watertight roof for your home.

Don't go by price alone

If you need a new roof, don't choose materials based on price alone; the better the materials for the roof, the longer they will last. Over time, a more expensive metal roof, or shingles with a 50-year warranty versus a 10-year warranty, will actually be the more cost-effective option, since you won't need to have them replaced as quickly as a low-quality material.

Also note that a higher quality of shingle or a thick metal roof can mean better insulation for your home, so you pay less for heating and cooling throughout the year. Investing in quality materials might mean paying more now, but will then also mean paying less for the roof and for the overall comfort of your home as the years go by.


20 June 2017

Roofs: Repair, Re-shingle, Replace and Other Roofing Ideas

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