Signs That You Need Roof Repairs


If your home's roofing is displaying signs of deterioration, you may need a roof repair. But how do you know if there's a problem? An expert roof inspection will detect any issues. In the meanwhile, though, look out for the following signs of trouble.

Stained Ceilings

If you look upwards from inside a room and notice dark patches or mould and mildew growth, then water is somehow getting into the roof cavity — the space between the ceiling plaster and the tiles or metal sheets that cover your home. One cause for this is leaky roof cladding. The tiles might be cracked or broken, or else rain is getting between lifted pieces of metal sheeting. 

It would be best if you got this investigated as soon as possible. Roof cladding sits on top of a skeleton framework of beams often using timber. If this rots and warps from the moisture, then you'll need structural work as well as cladding repairs. You may also need to replace the ceiling plaster. If it's sagging, the worst could happen, and it may collapse altogether.

Peeling Paint or Decayed External Wall Siding

Sometimes the problem isn't rain getting inside the roof. Instead, it overflows the guttering and pours down the sides of the building's external walls. The gutters may be blocked or have rusted away. Water flowing down your home can generate dampness in the walls and window frames. It could instigate a mould infestation that can spread through the building. As well, you may notice decayed paving or flooded garden beds.

Cracked or Loose Roof Cladding

Getting on the roof is best left to the professionals who use all the appropriate safety equipment. However, you can see some problems with roof cladding only from looking upwards from the garden. Watch for cracked, broken or missing tiles. If the roof is metal, the sheets may show signs of rust or not be securely attached.  

Light Rays in the Crawl Space

Another way to check for problems is to look inside the crawlspace underneath the roof. But you should only attempt this if it is safe. One giveaway of a roof hole is shafts of light rays shining into the roof cavity. Continuous cladding without any holes will block light. However, if you see sunbeams, you can visually follow their path to the gap in the cladding. You might capture problems before they cause water damage in other parts of the building by checking this way.


29 December 2020

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