Reasons to Use Fibre Cement as a Residential Roofing Option


During your home renovations and remodelling, one of the areas that may need your focus is the roofing. The most common choice is to go with an asphalt roofing material. Though asphalt tiles are common, there are many other options. One of the options you may not have heard of is fibre cement. Here are some reasons you should consider fibre cement for your roofing material. You can get fibre cement roofing materials from your roofing contractor or have the contractor install the roofing for you. Here are a few of the benefits of fibre cement as a roofing option:

Water Resistant

One of the main reasons to consider fibre cement roofing materials and tiles is due to the weather resistance of the tiles. The tiles have strong durability when it comes to heavy rains and water damage. The tiles, when used with other interlocking fibre cement tiles, can form a tight barrier against water seeping into tiles as well as between the tiles. This adds to the durability of the roofline and roof trusses as well. The water resistance of the fibre cement helps to decrease the chances of roof repair or replacement needs.

Reduced Weight

If the weight of your roof is an issue for you, then fibre cement roofing materials and tiles may be ideal. The tiles are thinner and have a lighter weight than most other roofing materials. By using fibre cement roofing tiles, you can greatly reduce the overall weight on the roof trusses. This weight distribution can also reduce the weight on the wall trusses, beams and foundation of the home. This can be a vital factor if you live in areas where the foundation can shift easily in severe weather, such as waterfront property.

Quick Installation

If you are looking for a quick installation option that still offers durability for your roof, then fibre cement roofing may be an ideal choice. This type of cement tile can be installed quickly, sometimes within a day, depending on the size and slope of your roof. Even with different roof heights and slopes, the installation of fibre cement tiles can move quicker than other options such as metal roofing and other alternatives.

By considering these reasons that fibre cement roofing may be ideal as your roofing option, you can make a better choice for the materials you need to use. If fibre cement sounds ideal for your roofing needs, contact your roofing contractor. They can give you pricing information and answer questions about the installation of the fibre cement roofing.


18 December 2018

Roofs: Repair, Re-shingle, Replace and Other Roofing Ideas

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