Three Fundamental Tips for Restoring Your Old Tile Roof


The appeal of tile roofing is indisputable. This traditional material has a classic appeal which complements most house designs. In addition, tile is quite durable and resilient. It can withstand exposure to adverse elements, including heavy rainfall and high winds. However, the material is not infallible. If you have an old roof, you might notice signs of deterioration. If this is the case in your home, consider using these simple tips for restoration.  

Clean and Polish

If your residential roof appears worn out, you should plan on cleaning. In most cases, a tile roof will appear damaged, but the problems could be superficial. A little scrubbing and polishing will renew the surface and give it a fresh look. When cleaning the roof, you should begin by eliminating leaves and twigs. The gutters should also be cleared out to promote proper drainage.

Next, check the surface for algae and use a pressure washer to wash the growth. If the deposits are stubborn, consider using warm water, a little soap and a scrubbing brush. Efflorescence is also a common problem for tile roofs. If you notice a white deposit, plan on polishing the surface to restore the original colour of the tiles. In addition, talk to your roofer about sealing the tiles.

Seal Small Holes

Small holes or fine cracks on roof tiles should be sealed immediately. If the problem is ignored, the fissures will increase in size, and this could lead to significant leakage. The repair of this form of damage is quite simple. You will only need to acquire some plastic cement designed for roofing use. This product should be available from local hardware shops. Then, clean the damaged area using a suitable wire brush before filling the holes with the cement.

Remove Cracked Tiles

If your roof has some damaged tiles, you might not be able to fill and seal them. Large cracks are difficult to repair, and it is not often worthwhile. It is easier and more effective to remove the severely cracked tiles and replace them with new ones. Removing a cracked tile can be a bit tricky because a lot of disturbance will damage the adjacent tiles. Therefore, be careful during this stage. It is also advisable to plan on colour matching before buying replacement tiles.

Finally, you should evaluate the benefits of replacing the entire tile roof if your old one has reached the end of its lifespan. If you are uncertain about the right course of action, consult a roofer for a thorough inspection. 

 To learn more about tile roofs, contact a roofer.


20 January 2020

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