Reasons To Install A Skylight In Your Home


There are many ways to enhance your home. However, the ambient daylight of rooms is pivotal to how they look and feel, no matter what colours and textures are spread around the space. That's why installing a skylight will leave a huge impression. Consider the following reasons for such a home improvement. 

More Daylight

A skylight is ideally placed to make the most of light radiating from the sun and sky. An overhead opening will take in more light than a similar-size vertical window that often receives reflected light from the ground and adjacent structures like fences or buildings. Thus a skylight is a particularly efficient light source.

Evenly Illuminated Rooms

As well as maximising incoming brightness, skylights tend to scatter light more evenly around a room. This is attributable to where they're typically set on the ceiling — quite centrally. With placement, you're not limited to one or two external walls as you often are with vertical windows. Because standard windows tend to be on the side, lighting is more patchy. It may be bright in front of the opening but shadowy on the other side of the room or in the corners. 

Refreshing Home

A ventilated skylight that you can open will create a more refreshing home in summer. A roof opening is perfectly positioned to release indoor heat. Hot air naturally rises, and so it will gather and collect around the ceiling. If you open a skylight, it can continue on its natural upwards trajectory. 

You can further take advantage of this natural airflow to cool your home in the evening. Simply open a vertical wall window — which will be positioned lower than the skylight — to catch the cool breeze. The air will stream in the window and out the skylight, so you'll have created a natural ventilation pathway. As the air leaves via the skylight, it creates a vacuum in the house, which will encourage airflow in through the window.

Lower Energy Bills

A skylight will repay you with reduced energy costs. In a brighter home during the day, you can switch on artificial light less often. Additionally, you'll save on air conditioning costs as you take advantage of natural airflow tendencies using a ventilated skylight.

More Open Feeling

Finally, whether you can see clearly through your skylight or the opening is diffused and frosted, your rooms will feel more open and airy. Merely having an additional avenue to the outside breaks up solid ceilings that enclose a place. 

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13 August 2020

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