Breaking Down the Cost of Roof Replacement


Roof replacement will cost you money. However, it is a project worth the investment, as a new roof will look and perform better in protecting your home or business premises.

How much you will spend on the roof replacement depends on several factors, all of which your roofer can walk you through as you plan for the project. The total cost will be distributed among the following areas.

Taking Care of Your Current Roof

The old roof has to go, before the new one can be installed. Your roof replacement contractor will price this removal phase depending on the type of the roof, how big it is, and, generally, how difficult it is to remove the current roofing material.

Another component is the cost of disposing of the removed roof structure. The roofer may do it themselves or subcontract to another company offering waste removals services.

Roofing Material Cost

What material are you using for your roof replacement? Some are more expensive than others, with slate shingles being among the most expensive. On the other hand, you can expect your new roof to cost you much less if you go for asphalt shingles. The total cost will depend on the size of your roof.

There is also a wide range of other roofing materials, including the nails that hold the entire roof structure together. Again, the cost will vary depending on the type and quality of these materials.

Labour Cost

Roof replacement is a job best left to seasoned experts. There is much to do, from designing the project and removing your current roof to installing the new one. The cost of labour can account for up to half, or even more, of the total cost.

Your labour cost quote will depend on so many factors, but it usually comes down to the difficulty of the job. A flat roof, for example, will be relatively easy to replace, and as such, is more likely to cost less compared to a roof with a steep slope. Similarly, the bigger your roof, the more time it will take the crew to complete the roof replacement, and by extension, the more it will cost you.

For as many estimates as you'll get for your roof replacement, they will outline the highlighted areas. Compare the quotes, and based on other factors such as the roofer's experience, select one that will not have you break the bank for the project, but will give you value for your money.


29 October 2020

Roofs: Repair, Re-shingle, Replace and Other Roofing Ideas

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