Ways Installing a Skylight will Improve Your Home


If you want to improve your home's ambience and energy efficiency, you could consider installing a skylight. Here are some ways this will help.

Natural Lighting

A skylight is perfectly positioned to capture natural light because of its horizontal orientation. Vertical windows can be shaded by other buildings or fences, and they naturally don't capture as much daylight in any case. A brighter home will be more appealing to spend time in, especially in winter. Plus, more natural light will make rooms feel more open and larger without expensive construction to relocate walls.

Healthier Atmosphere

Skylights can be fixed or openable. Models that open will allow for better ventilation of your home as hot humid air naturally rises towards the ceiling. It will flow outside if you open the skylight, keeping your home fresher. The atmosphere will be healthier without dampness and mould that affect the air quality. Openable skylights are especially beneficial in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that generate steam and humidity.


A skylight helps to maintain privacy while letting daylight flow inside. For this reason, they're great for bathrooms and bedrooms. Depending on the type of skylight you install and the roof architecture, you may be able to offer a view as well.

A roof window works like a vertical window, but they typically fit on a slanted roof or a cathedral ceiling such as in an attic bedroom. However, even if a skylight requires a shaft that extends from the rooftop to the ceiling, it can provide a view depending on its glazing and specific structure. A sun tunnel, on the other hand, brings in light without offering a view. They comprise a roof dome, a long reflective tunnel, and a ceiling diffuser.

Energy Efficiency and Lower Bills

You may contemplate a skylight to increase your home's energy efficiency. With more daylight, you won't need to turn on artificial lights so often during the day. Thus, bills will reduce. If you have a home office or a spot in the kitchen where you read or study, you could place the skylight strategically to provide ideal conditions.

A ventilating skylight will lessen the need for bathroom and kitchen fans to an extent, as the humid air will have a natural escape, increasing energy savings further.

The skylight can also be positioned to make the most of passive winter solar heat gain, helping to reduce heating costs. Conversely, you may live in a hot climate. In that case, you can install the skylight to reduce heat gain and opt for energy-efficient glazing.


13 September 2022

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